For businesses, communities, homes, and neighborhoods.

WEXCO Environmental has solutions that
meet water quality needs at a fraction of the cost.

Our Clean Water Engineering Philosophy


Be Innovative

We engineer wastewater management solutions that are fueled by the best engineering and design principles and technology in the industry.


Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Our engineers and design professionals innovate with discipline and efficiency, building water treatment solutions that are both effective and economical.

Our Products

A patented, reusable filter that attaches to your washing machine discharge hose. It removes non-biodegradable fibers like hair, sand, and nylon from your washing machine’s wastewater, protecting your plumbing and septic as well as the environment.

Converts a traditional septic system to an active, circulating system that moves buoyant elements through the tank that organically break down waste in the water. It saves money and increases the life of your septic system.

Our Company

Who We Are

With a passion for pure water and creativity,
WEXCO Environmental is a company that protects
people, their homes, and our environment.

What We Do

From extending the life of your septic system to
protecting your plumbing and the environment,
WEXCO Environmental has solutions for wastewater.

Saving Money. Restoring Water.