At WEXCO Environmental, we are passionate about clean water. It’s something we’ve committed to in the way we run our business, the way we address the environmental and engineering challenges of our work, and the way we interact with each customer. We have been in this business for a long time and have consistently been on the leading edge of engineering and effectiveness for wastewater solutions.

We are a waste water treatment product manufacturer bringing large scale technology and know-how to the under-served residential and small corporate customer.


We keep our wastewater solutions simple.


Be Innovative

We engineer wastewater management solutions that are fueled by the best engineering and design principles and technology in the industry.


Avoid Unnecessary Costs

Our engineers and design professionals innovate with discipline and efficiency, building water treatment solutions that are both effective and economical.

The process of treating wastewater requires both innovation and efficiency.

Innovation means that we’re creative in our work. Our team looks at age-old problems with fresh eyes, engaging with advanced engineering and technical resources to develop solutions that solve problems and restore purity to water. Innovation means the most advanced engineering, design principles and technology in our industry are at work to solve practical problems.

Efficiency means that we are disciplined in our process. We don’t engineer solutions with unnecessary costs or wasteful processes. We don’t engineer solutions that are unaffordable. We make our products and solutions available to the people who need them while also making them good for the environment.

We Value



Our products make significant contributions to our ecosystem by restoring contaminated water and removing harmful elements. WEXCO Environmental is conserving resources by efficiently treating wastewater.



From the innovative solutions we develop to the interactions we have with our customers, the integrity of our performance gives our customers what they deserve: Something they can depend on. We build only the best. And we do it for the people we serve.



We are in this business to meet the practical needs of our customers. It’s no more complicated than that. Our customers need wastewater solutions that will save them money and extend the life of their investments. We care about our customers and do everything we can to make our products work for them.