Erosion Control – Western MN

erosion WMN large1

  Issue: A sewer system update for a cooperative association in western Minnesota required multiple erosion control techniques. The project took place on over a half mile of rolling lakeshore, and within 10 feet of a stream and wetland that enter the lake.   Action: Disturbed areas were hydroseeded with Type IV wood fiber mulch…

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Erosion Control – East Central MN

erosion ECMN large1

Issue: A small Minnesota town was updating its sewer system. The site had severe slopes, and construction work took place adjacent to paved roads. Action: Heavy duty silt fence was installed downslope of disturbed areas. Inlet protection was installed in the storm drains to prevent sediment from entering the storm sewer system. The area was…

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Bottling Plant

bttl plant

Issue:  A bottling company in Minnesota discharges some 6,000 gallons per day of wash   down water with a COD of 40,000 – 70,000 mg/L. The material is too strong for the local wastewater treatment plant to process, so it must be trucked off site. Action:  Design/build an aerobic onsite treatment system using micro bubble aeration…

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Geocell Shoreline Stabilization

geocell large

Issue: Loose shifting sand makes access to this beach difficult, and winter dock removal destabilizes the lake bank. Action: Installing geocell pervious stabilization halts erosion, allows for infiltration to clean runoff before it reaches the lake, and creates secure footing for beach access.

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Shoreline Stabilization

shoreline3a large

  Issue: The owners wish to revegetate and stabilize the entire 150 feet width of their shoreline, less an access path. This site consists of a relatively flat yard and lawn that is mowed to a sand dune shoreline bank. There are several mature deciduous trees near or on the shoreline bank. The roots are…

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Shoreline Restoration

shoreline2a large

  Issue: Large amounts of aquatic vegetation washing onto the beach of this large Minnesota lake makes the shore and shallow water uninviting and difficult to maintain.   Action: Planting the beach area with native wet meadow vegetation minimizes maintenance, adds year-round color, and protects the lake from upland runoff.

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Shoreline Stabilization – Soft Armor

shoreline1 large

  Issue: A dangerous old timber stair needs to be removed from a steeply sloping shoreline. Removal may destabilize the hillside.   Action: Treated ties are removed, and straw logs, erosion fabric, seed and plants are installed. Deep-rooted native shrubs, ferns, sedges, grasses and flowers will restabilize the slope, slow and filter runoff, and capture…

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Municipal Raingarden

commercial raingarden large

  Issue: A swale carries runoff from an entire city block to a storm sewer pipe that eventually empties directly into a wild and scenic river. Action: Two raingarden basins and a vegetated swale minimize and infiltrate the majority of the runoff and add tremendous diversity and beauty to the site.

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Residential Raingarden

residential raingarden large after

  Issue: Roof, gutters, yard and driveway shed a substantial amount of unfiltered runoff down a steep slope onto the neighboring property and into the lake.   Action: Three raingardens were created below downspouts and downslope of the driveway surface to capture, filter and infiltrate runoff. Deep-rooted, moisture-loving sedges, grasses and flowers will add beauty…

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Bar & Grill

bargrill large

Issue: A lakeside bar and grill is served by an onsite sewage treatment system. The drain field mound is ponded and will soon create a surface discharge if not repaired. Space is restricted and the owner wants to avoid a replacement drain field mound. Design flow is 1,177 GPD, tanks include three 1,500-gallon septic tanks.…

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