Agricultural Wastewater

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Chicken Egg Processing Plant

By WEXCOenviro | February 5, 2013

Issue: A chicken egg-processing plant is experiencing malodor from a 800,000-gallon lagoon in its wastewater treatment facility. BOD in this lagoon is 2,600 mg/L. Flow into the lagoon is about 35,000 GPD, and the system operator estimated influent BOD of 1,500 mg/L. Action: Install 2 MBD-12 aerators. Odor improves; results are less than expected. New…

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Pig Nursery Lagoon Odor Reduction

By WEXCOenviro | February 5, 2013

I Issue: A 17,000-head pig nursery is experiencing odor problems in a 16 million gallon manure lagoon. System loading is 2,890 lbs. BOD/day. Lagoon BOD is 12,100 mg/L Lagoon HPC (Heterotrophic Plate Count) is 750,000 cfu/ml Lagoon TKN is 1,080 mg/L Lagoon TSS is 6,180 mg/L Malodor is high Action: Install six 2 HP MBD…

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North Carolina Hog Lagoon

By WEXCOenviro | July 15, 2011

Overview:  A North Carolina company seeks to minimize pumping frequency and expense for solids removal from hog lagoons. Solution:  Install MBD Aeration based on lagoon volume.  Systems tested have an average sludge reduction from 5’ to 3.5’ over a 60 day period.  Electrical cost to reduce BOD from 400 feeder pigs in this test is…

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Iowa Dairy Lagoon

By WEXCOenviro | July 15, 2011

Overview:  Research project with Iowa State University measures dairy lagoon odor before and during treatment with Vacuum Bubble Aeration equipment. Results:  During treatment with MBD Aeration there is a 94% odor reduction over 48 days.  Hydrogen sulfide is reduced from 22.3 ppm to 0.2 ppm.                      

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California Dairy Lagoon

By WEXCOenviro | May 27, 2011

Overview:  A 2.5 million gallon California dairy lagoon exceeds emission standards.  In addition, land application of solids is restricted in the area and an extremely expensive option. Solution:  Install four MBD Model 600’s with total 12 HP.  Emission standards immediately come into compliance.  In addition, sludge is reduced from 15’ of depth to 3’1” of depth…