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Municipal Raingarden

By WEXCOenviro | February 5, 2013

  Issue: A swale carries runoff from an entire city block to a storm sewer pipe that eventually empties directly into a wild and scenic river. Action: Two raingarden basins and a vegetated swale minimize and infiltrate the majority of the runoff and add tremendous diversity and beauty to the site.

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Residential Raingarden

By WEXCOenviro | February 5, 2013

  Issue: Roof, gutters, yard and driveway shed a substantial amount of unfiltered runoff down a steep slope onto the neighboring property and into the lake.   Action: Three raingardens were created below downspouts and downslope of the driveway surface to capture, filter and infiltrate runoff. Deep-rooted, moisture-loving sedges, grasses and flowers will add beauty…

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Commercial Raingarden

By WEXCOenviro | May 27, 2011

Issue: A resort has overland flooding during spring thaw and heavy rains and must reduce an impervious surface area of 32 percent to meet current zoning requirements of 25 percent. Action: Impervious offsets were constructed on the property to allow this resort to keep their current impervious spaces. Multiple raingardens and a stormwater pond were…