Bottling Plant

bttl plant

Issue:  A bottling company in Minnesota discharges some 6,000 gallons per day of wash   down water with a COD of 40,000 – 70,000 mg/L. The material is too strong for the local wastewater treatment plant to process, so it must be trucked off site. Action:  Design/build an aerobic onsite treatment system using micro bubble aeration…

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Bar & Grill

bargrill large

Issue: A lakeside bar and grill is served by an onsite sewage treatment system. The drain field mound is ponded and will soon create a surface discharge if not repaired. Space is restricted and the owner wants to avoid a replacement drain field mound. Design flow is 1,177 GPD, tanks include three 1,500-gallon septic tanks.…

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Major Freeway Truck Stop

freeway large

Issue: A truck stop is changing ownership, and the existing onsite sewage treatment system is noncompliant. The truck stop includes a full-service restaurant, convenience store and shower facilities. A major chain submarine shop will also be added. The onsite system includes 26,000 gallons in treatment tank capacity, a recirculating gravel filter and 16 septic mounds…

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Chicken Egg Processing Plant

stock photo chicken farm machine production line process 298777943

Issue: A chicken egg-processing plant is experiencing malodor from a 800,000-gallon lagoon in its wastewater treatment facility. BOD in this lagoon is 2,600 mg/L. Flow into the lagoon is about 35,000 GPD, and the system operator estimated influent BOD of 1,500 mg/L. Action: Install 2 MBD-12 aerators. Odor improves; results are less than expected. New…

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Pig Nursery Lagoon Odor Reduction

stock photo nursery pigs eat the feed chute 574110469

I Issue: A 17,000-head pig nursery is experiencing odor problems in a 16 million gallon manure lagoon. System loading is 2,890 lbs. BOD/day. Lagoon BOD is 12,100 mg/L Lagoon HPC (Heterotrophic Plate Count) is 750,000 cfu/ml Lagoon TKN is 1,080 mg/L Lagoon TSS is 6,180 mg/L Malodor is high Action: Install six 2 HP MBD…

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Energy Savings

energy large1

Before: Lagoon with 7 surface aerators totaling 28 HP.  After: Identical capacity lagoon with 4 MBD (Micro Bubble Diffusion) aerators totaling 8 HP.

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Winter Performance

winter large1

Before: Other surface aerator – frozen conditions limit oxygen transfer.. After: Same facility, different lagoon. Open area of water with higher oxygen transfer with MBD (Micro Bubble Diffusion) in winter.

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Sludge Reduction

sludge reduction large

  Issue: An Iowa wastewater treatment facility has a three-pond lagoon system that receives 300,000 GPD influent. Sludge levels are 26″ – 32″ in cell one and sludge removal is required. In 2001, the estimated expense to waste the lagoons and make the associated equipment repairs was approximately $300,000. Action: Four 2-HP Micro Bubble Diffuser…

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Bacterial Treatment


Issue: A Fortune 500 company has regular waste strength exceedances at one of its food processing facilities. Action: The high levels are traced to a grease trap. Treatment with bacterial additive produces four consecutive quarters of compliance and is now included as standard procedure.

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Four Star Restaurant

four star

Overview:  A Four Star restaurant has a nearly new septic system headed for premature failure due to excessive influent waste strength.  They also struggle with odor problems. Solution:  Additional grease trap capacity and VBT aeration are installed ahead of the existing recirculating gravel filter.  Odor issues are resolved immediately and compliance limits are met.  …

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