Chicken Egg Processing Plant

stock-photo-chicken-farm-machine-production-line-process-298777943Issue: A chicken egg-processing plant is experiencing malodor from a 800,000-gallon lagoon
in its wastewater treatment facility. BOD in this lagoon is 2,600 mg/L. Flow into the lagoon is about 35,000 GPD, and the system operator estimated influent BOD of 1,500 mg/L.

Action: Install 2 MBD-12 aerators. Odor improves; results are less than expected. New testing
demonstrates that the influent BOD is actually 3,800 mg/L. Four additional MBD-12 aerators are installed.

Results: Odor problem is eliminated. Over the next five months, the lagoon BOD drops from
2,710 mg/L to 75 mg/L. Due to the cleanliness achieved, a portion of the lagoon effluent is now recirculated to upstream treatment components to improve their performance.

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