Endurance Test


Overview:  A chicken processing facility in the North Eastern US is concerned about surface aerators in use at their facility. They are 75 HP units and the effectiveness per HP is in question.  The possibility of using Vacuum Bubble Technology Aerators is presented to the company.  Since the MBD Model 600 Series aerator proposed has only a 3 HP motor, this proposal is met with a degree of cynicism.  An additional concern focuses on the MBD’s air plate which has a large number of small holes in it.  In the context of wastewater treatment at this facility, the risk of clogging of these holes is thought to be high.  It is clear that if this should occur, the aerator will lose its effectiveness.

Solution:  A MBD 600 is installed in their 5 million gallon oxidation ditch receiving 1 million gallons of influent daily.  The unit runs continuously for 18 months trouble free with no service or maintenance.