When you see WEXCO Environmental's water treatment solutions at work in your home or business, you see cost savings for today and for the future. You see innovation that protects your investment and the environment. You see good engineering and efficient design.

Small Industrial Solutions

We provide small industrial operations with the wastewater management solutions that comply with their standards and fit with their systems.

Commercial Onsite Solutions

We build wastewater management solutions that are custom-engineered to a business's system and budgetary needs.

Nitrogen Treatment Solutions

We implement nitrogen treatment for operations of any size, allowing for the preservation of the environment and the conservation of wastewater.

Residential Solutions

We bring industrial-size solutions to residential projects, providing homes and small buildings and businesses the wastewater management solutions.


A patented, reusable filter that attaches to your washing machine discharge hose. It removes non-biodegradable fibers like hair, sand, and nylon from your washing machine’s wastewater, protecting your plumbing and septic as well as the environment.

Converts a traditional septic system to an active, circulating system that moves buoyant elements through the tank that organically break down waste in the water. It saves money and increases the life of your septic system.

WEXCO Environmental combines simple and economical
equipment with innovative treatment configurations.


Simply Clean Water.