Operation & Maintenance


WEXCO Environmental manages and maintains water and wastewater systems for municipalities, industrial users, and communities.

We provide a high level of service throughout our work. By maintaining clear and regular communication with our customers, we can establish and maintain quality work and relationships.

We want our customers to be efficient.

We consistently work to find efficiencies that can save money and time and take the day-to-day responsibility of water utilities off your hands.

Effective operation includes timely reporting, clear communication with system owners, troubleshooting, long-term planning, and expense control.


Water operations

We can provide drinking water system operation and maintenance for small community well systems.

Wastewater operations

Our services include operation and maintenance for light commercial systems all the way up to large state permitted facilities.

Customer communication and education

We like to maintain a close working relationship with our customers. We are available for your questions and for presentations to boards of directors, site managers, sewer districts, homeowners associations, and developers.

Financial planning

Our experience in design, construction and maintenance of systems can help you project what costs to expect in the future.

Maintain compliance

We work to maintain efficient operations and maintain regulatory compliance. Our in house laboratory equipment allows proactive assessment of system effectiveness.

24/7 response

We maintain on call service technicians to respond to emergency situations.


Mandated reporting is filed on your behalf. Files are kept current and available to system owners. Our online database allows technicians to access your system information in the field. WEXCO Environmental operates and maintains all types of onsite systems. In addition to standard systems, our skilled technicians service a variety of treatment systems and technologies.