Pig Nursery Lagoon Odor Reduction

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Issue: A 17,000-head pig nursery is experiencing odor problems in a 16 million gallon manure lagoon.

  • System loading is 2,890 lbs. BOD/day.
  • Lagoon BOD is 12,100 mg/L
  • Lagoon HPC (Heterotrophic Plate Count) is 750,000 cfu/ml
  • Lagoon TKN is 1,080 mg/L
  • Lagoon TSS is 6,180 mg/L
  • Malodor is high

Action: Install six 2 HP MBD (Micro Bubble Diffusion) aerators.

Results: After 42 days including normal daily influent:

  • BOD 1,150 mg/L
  • HPC 3,600,000 cfu/ml
  • TKN 1,100 mg/L
  • Aeration system was sized large enough for odor and BOD reduction but not so large as to reduce TKN and thereby fertilizer value.
  • TSS 1,190 mg/L
  • Malador reduced significantly