Shoreline Stabilization



Issue: The owners wish to revegetate and stabilize the entire 150 feet width of their shoreline, less an access path. This site consists of a relatively flat yard and lawn that is mowed to a sand dune shoreline bank. There are several mature deciduous trees near or on the shoreline bank. The roots are exposed on some of the trees due to the shoreline erosion. There is a 3- to 4-foot vertical drop at the bank above a narrow beach. The bank is sandy and severely eroded due to lack of vegetation and protection.

Action: Restore stability and vegetation to sensitive riparian areas.

  1. Plant an upland buffer to reduce runoff, filter and infiltrate, and prevent erosion.
  2. Reduce shoreline erosion by restoring and protecting the shoreline sand bank using Curlex Blocs, willow wattle, erosion fabric, and deep rooted native vegetation.
  3. Plant a 3-foot deep wet meadow/beach planting below the Curlex Bloc soft armor for reinforcement and to retain sand at the toe of the bank.
  4. Increase diversity and habitat through the use of native plant species.