Subsurface drip for use in agriculture, turf and landscaping, and wastewater dispersal


Rodney Ruskin, Karen Ferguson and Alvaro Sanjines founded Geoflow in August 1990, when the use of ROOTGUARD® technology was registered by the EPA. They have a combination of skills and experience gained over forty years in drip irrigation product design, manufacturing and marketing. We develop and deliver cutting–edge technology and train you, the user, about the advantages and opportunities of subsurface drip. Geoflow is recognized in the drip community for delivering extremely reliable high quality products and service.

Support team

Our team consists of qualified, knowledgeable experts, including professional engineers and certified irrigation designers who will take care of your subsurface drip needs. We are here to work with you every step of the way from design through distribution, installation and maintenance.


We are dedicated to protecting the environment. Geoflow‘s mission is to provide products, technology and know–how that will enable the agriculture, landscape and wastewater industries to use sound irrigation and dispersal practices that preserve the quality and quantity of valuable water resources.

With subsurface drip, secondary reclaimed wastewater can be used, eliminating the ongoing cost of additional effluent treatment.