Micro Bubble Diffusion (MBD)

MBD introduced into 10-gallon tank

MBD introduced into 10-gallon tank

Micro Bubble Diffusion (MBD): Offering unmatched treatment efficiency.

Micro Bubble Diffusion (MBD) has revolutionized the use of aerobic waste management systems in municipal, industrial, and commercial applications, and now brings that technology to residential properties. MBD addresses the problems of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and waste treatment by improving the performance of aerobic bacteria in consuming organic wastes.

Simple, effective and economical

Aerators have historically used pressure to create bubbles by blowing air into water.  Diffusers vary from coarse to fine bubble, but the bubbles all rise toward the surface and can only transfer oxygen to water during a brief contact time.

Micro Bubble Diffusion (MBD) has changed that. MBD aerators create bubbles under partial vacuum rather than with pressure. The bubbles are so tiny that their buoyancy is overcome by the surface tension of the water. This means that the bubbles stay resident in the water for up to 10 minutes.

This has two huge treatment benefits:vbt bubbles compare

  • The tiny bubble size ensures maximum surface contact with water. For example, a golf ball has significantly less surface area than a golf ball sized volume of BB’s
  • Because the bubbles do not race to the surface, they can last for many minutes and provide excellent oxygen transfer potential to the effluent

Three major additional benefits are:

  • MBD is extremely efficient and produces micro bubbles using significantly less electricity than other aerators
  • MBD micro bubbles can oxygenate a tank without stirring the contents. Tanks remain quiescent, thus allowing MBD use in a wider variety of applications than pressure aeration
  • MBD is simple and therefore economical to purchase and operate