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PODZ: the most cost effective solution to cover your basins and eliminate odors.


The PODZ’ modularity allows it to cover any size of surface. The honeycomb shape also allows the units to fit together naturally and maximizes the surface covered. The PODZ fit neatly and naturally together when installed to form a flexible cover on the water’s surface. As shown in the installation video the PODZ can be fitted onto facilities with running water as well as stagnant.

The PODZ provides the simplest solution on the market for covering and treating gaseous emissions emanating from industrial tanks, ponds, basins and lagoons. The installation and running costs are less than the more popular ways of treatment such as masking sprays and hard covers making it the most cost effective solution on the market.

About PI2 Technologies

Founded in 2010, Pi2 Technologies is a privately owned Canadian company. Pi2 Technologies develops, produces and markets solutions for the coverage and treatment of liquid surfaces. These solutions are aimed at minimizing the emission of greenhouse gases and odours.

The patented solutions developed by Pi2 Technologies are the result of several years of research and testing in collaboration with academic research centres and the industry sector.

Pi2 Technologies is proud to design and manufacture its products in North America using local suppliers and expertise. Our product line is available through a network of well established local distributors.

Our Mission

Pi2 Technologies’ mission is to provide the most cost effective solutions for greenhouse gases and odour emissions from open-air liquid surfaces. Pi2 Technologies’ main focus is to maximize its customer’s success in reducing his carbon footprint and odour impact.

With local presence in North America and Europe, Pi2 Technologies has helped municipalities and industries reduce their odour impact and carbon footprint since its beginning.