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Energy efficient advanced lagoon treatment.

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With hundreds of installations worldwide, Triplepoint Water Technologies is an innovative leader within the wastewater treatment industry.

By combining effective water treatment with efficient energy usage, Triplepoint offers uniquely sustainable wastewater solutions. For decades, Triplepoint has provided these solutions to industrial wastewater facilities, municipal wastewater facilities, as well as a variety of other water treatment applications.

With steadfast belief in the philosophy that People are more important than Profit, we pledge to provide all customers with the most authentic, long-term solution available. These solutions are built on the shoulders of more than 30 years of professional wastewater engineering experience. Company-wide commitments to excellence, sound research, adaptability, and environmental consciousness separates Triplepoint Water from the competition.

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Ammonia Removal:
The NitrOx Principle of Cold Weather Lagoon Nitrification

Ammonia removal through nitrification will reliably occur with the proper conditions. The purpose of the NitrOx Process is to control and optimize each of these conditions, fostering an ideal habitat for a specific set of bacteria called nitrifiers and super-concentrating them into a small, cost-effective, and highly efficient reactor.  In doing so, the NitrOx Reactor guarantees results by:

Maximizing Bacteria Concentration

An increase in nitrifiers yields an increase in ammonia reduction. Nitrifiers grow on substrate or “media,” meaning that in order to increase the quantity of these bacteria, you need to increase the surface area they grow on. The NitrOx Reactor contains millions of small media, producing over 150 square feet of surface area per every cubic foot of volume. This provides for a dense concentration of nitrifiers, and allows the NitrOx Process to be the most effective ammonia treatment solution in the smallest footprint, even at low temperatures.


MARS Wastewater Lagoon Aeration

Wastewater Lagoon Aeration & Mixing

3-step Breakdown of MARS Aeration Benefits:

  1. Aeration, Mixing, and Portability - The MARS Lagoon Aeration System provides wastewater lagoon aeration and mixing in one portable aerator. Utilizing both fine bubble aeration and coarse bubble technology, the MARS is able to achieve efficient aeration and thorough mixing of the water column.
  2. Easy System Installation - MARS Aerators are simple to install to any wastewater lagoon facility. Each self-weighted unit is connected to an on-shore air supply via flexible weighted tubing and lowered into the water (see diagram below).
  3. Simple System Maintenance - Maintenance of the MARS Aeration System is equally as simple, and can be completed from the surface without incurring system downtime. This hassle-free modular design allows for the MARS to treat any size wastewater facility, from single user systems to full-scale municipalities.


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